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Heathkit IT-17 tube tester

My primary tube tester is a Heathkit IT-17 from around 1965. This tester is great for octals and 7 and 9 pin miniatures, but since a lot of my collection is pre-WWII I have a lot of older types that this tester won't support, at least from looking at the roll chart.I don't have a manual or chart updates for this tester. Does anyone know if there were such updates for the IT-17 and if there is any information on how to test older tubes on it (71As, 45s, etc.)? I have a circa 1934 Readrite tube tester that I currently use for testing the older types, but it is not very accurate.Thanks!Tom

As far as I recall, all the Heath models (except the TT-1 of course) used the same circuit and data. I'm sure the TC-1, 2 etc. data is online somewhere.

TomI have the obsolete data for the IT-17, send me an e-mailDEDIT: This info is also on Bama go to heathkit and tube data.
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D, Check your email.Tom